Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adventures in Sourdough part 2

This go-round I used white all purpose flour. I ended up with 2 standard loaves, 1 freeform loaf, and 1 pan of cinnamon rolls :D Delish!

(full disclosure: when the neighbor girls (ages 4, 7, and 8) sampled the East Texas Sourdough...they spit it out. NO JOKE! haha. My kids ATE IT UP!)

I froze the standard loaves.  The cinnamon rolls were prepped then refrigerated overnight for Sunday morning. Before Mass, I left them out on the counter to warm and rise, and voila! A fabulously fresh breakfast treat.

I think I like the bread semi-frozen best of all!  For a last-minute lunch, I put a frozen loaf straight from the freezer into the microwave (eh, I guess it's still helpful for somethings!) wrapped in a damp cloth for about a minute.  The outside of the loaf was warm and soft, and the inside was still quite cold-- it was awesome.  Cold dense bread... mmmmmmm. I really didn't think anything could beat fresh out of the oven bread. but wow.

Here are my fabulous assistants!

Roses from the garden.

oops!   Strega Nona.    

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  1. strega nona! ha! who'd a thunk that "semi-frozen" would be good! neat discovery!
    ~ Mums