Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Poole Family Returns!!!


Greetings to you all!

Well, this email (long awaited) brings great news... We have a daughter! Svitlana Maria Theresa Poole will enter the United States of America on Saturday the 17th of November, thanks to all of your prayers and God's great goodness!

Last you heard we were trying to get our papers and leave Kyiv. After waiting two and a half hours in the freezing cold (thankfully we had a car to wait in), they gave us the awaited documents and we fled to get our things, eat and get on that night train. The next day at court was a true miracle. After all the proceedings were done, our good judge (without our asking), waived our ten day waiting period! This means we are coming home at least 10 days sooner! He was being kind beacuse of the baby, Joseph and how long we have already been here. We were the first International adoption in that region, so it is amazing that he was brave enough to do that. Then there were still more hoops to jump through, but every time after being told no or something being closed, it all worked out. It was amazing! We all know it is due to the prayers of so many. Thank you!

Last Sunday we had Svitlana Maria Theresa conditionally baptized (meaning that she was baptized -and confirmed as the custom is here- to generate documents since her baptism is only by hearsay). It was very very beautiful, we have it on video. Svitlana wore the traditional Ukrainian clothing and was very attentive to what was happening. She is such a good sweet girl. The priest was impressed with her when he questioned her, he said she was So cute and funny.

Anyway, there are many stories to tell… but this gang must get ready for bed and hop on an international flight in the morning. Again, we thank you for all of your suppport and prayers! Can't wait for you to meet our little “Sveetie”!

Much love and prayers,

Andrew, Mara, Svitlana, Joseph and Louie

PS. Oh yeah, did we tell you that she got chicken pox the day after court? Ha! Thankfully it has been okay and Joseph and Louie have yet to develop it. Time will tell…

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Videos

Hey Y'all!

New videos of the family (mainly Henry) on youtube.

Check 'em out!

PS Does the shirt Henry's wearing look familiar?