Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby Wearing

As a baby, Henry always wanted to be held, to be where the action was. But I couldn't do anything else with no available hands! We have a Baby Bjorn, but never found it to be very comfortable--too stiff and hard on my back and shoulders. Not practical for everyday use. I was interested in finding something that worked! Then I found a Moby Wrap at a garage sale right before Clare was born. I had actually wanted a Peanut Shell, but this was cheap and available!

I really really like the Moby! and Clare loves it! She's been cranky right around 6pm every night for the past few weeks, and wearing her in the moby is the usually the only way to calm her.

My only complaints are:

  • it is very long--5.5 yards. So I really don't like putting it on anywhere but inside, so that it doesn't drag on the ground.
  • It gets stretched out of place when taking her out and putting her back in, so I often have to retie or attempt to wiggle her back in place after tweeking the fit.

This last complaint led me to the Sleepywrap. It touts testimonials like "I have owned two other brand name stretchy wraps. In the first one (which retailed for three times the price of the sleepy wrap) I always felt that I was being squeezed too tightly no matter how I tied it. The second one (twice the price of the sleepy wrap) was better but lacked support after wearing it for a period of time. I purchased the sleepy wrap because the claim was made that the fabric was stretchier, more supportive and easier to work with. I LOVE THIS WRAP!!! The claims are true. The material makes it better than any other wrap on the market. Don't let the affordable price fool you! This is THE wrap to have."

I hope to get (or WIN) one of these in the future. I"ll let you know my thoughts are then :)

A Month in Review

Time is just flying by~ here's what we've been up to...growing, playing, having a blast!

Below is a slideshow of the month of March.

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Holy Saturday Easter Egg Hunt

Henry woke us up early (5:45) as usual, and we started off this Holy day with pumpkin pancakes--yum yum! The City organized an Easter Egg hunt tor the little people of the area this morning. So off we went to the park where Henry joined many many other 0-4 year olds in search of Easter Eggs. The Easter bunny was a no-show...but the fire department was out and about with an engine so Karl and Henry took a look inside :) It was a beautiful, beautiful day so glad to have been out with our little family!

Click below for a slideshow of our outing.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Videos!

Sorry I've been so slow to put these up...but here they are!
Dreamers --I caught Clare and Henry napping and dreaming :)
Big Brother--Yay! I finally got this uploaded for everyone's viewing pleasure
Jumping Bean--Karl and Clare having fun before dinner
Thriller--After watching the Superbowl commercials, Henry chose his favorite...
Morning Helper--Our morning routine, ha ha.
Sadface Clare--After a cooing session from Clare, all I end up with is a darling pout at the end of the film!