Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's that time again!

Though I wouldn't necessarily call it nesting, I have most certainly caught the creative bug!

You may recall that part of my pre-delivery routine includes crafting a baptismal gown for the new arrival. With only 3 months 'til D-day, it's time to begin!

Baby girl's ensemble will revolve around a pattern I stumbled upon for an Irish-crocheted baby bonnet circa 1900. My search for a crocheted bonnet was inspired by one worn by the daughter of my college roommate for her baptism.

The original pattern is written differently than most to which I am accustomed. Luckily, the blogger who is hosting the pattern began the process of simplifying the language. So between the original and her revisions, I'm liking how my mock up is developing.

The hook and thread that I had on hand were larger than I what the pattern called for, so the practice square looks a bit clunky. However, it was easier to learn the pattern this way.

I have yet to choose gown pattern, so I may use the time I have until my thread and hook arrive to scout out a complementary dress pattern.