Saturday, October 6, 2007

Just Kidding!

Haha, well after two fun-filled days with our new minivan, she was called the dealership. Apparently they offered us financing that didn't exist! They were willing to make a new deal in which we would come out ahead by a few dollars, but after reviewing our the first transaction and the new options that this presented, we decided to return the vehicle and start again.

I was so glad to be finished with all the researching and the classified/internet searching--only to start up right back where we left off. Bummer!!!

Oh well, we had done all that we could, and had asked for God's blessing in the matter--so although we're a bit frustrated and disappointed, we're confident some other opportunity will present itself.

We'll keep you up to speed on the situation :) Until then, we're snug as bugs in our Texas Ranger, hee hee hee...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Member of the Family

Before we can welcome our Baby Girl, we must have a way to get her home from the hospital! Our trusty Ford Ranger has been good to us, but has seen better days and could no longer accommodate our growing family--it was time for a new vehicle.

We'd been doing our homework:,, kbb.come etc. No manufacturer was off limits provided they were offering 0% financing!

Armed with a folder full of figures, quotes, specs, and all the information compiled during the homework sessions, we ventured out to a local dealer in search of a minivan.

Three hours, 2 slices of cold pizza, a gazillion green grapes, applesauce, and "The Incredibles" later (we came prepared to keep Henry occupied) we were the proud new owners of a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country.

Goodbye to our dear friend, the Texas Ranger. Hello Midnight Meanderer.