Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

I've had a really wonder-full week--though I'm running on empty today. I need a reminder of all the great things that happened, so today doesn't turn into TERRIBLE Tuesday!

Best Birthday Surprise EV-AR. Thursday I turned 25--my golden birthday. September is full of birthdays in our family, and I was so busy planning and celebrating everyone elses, that I kept forgetting about my own! So when Thursday rolled around, I wasn't expecting much--just a pleasant evening with Karl and the kids. UNTIL 2pm when my mom called for the second time of the day to sing happy birthday (I thought maybe she was having an old-timer's moment) but then my sister knocked on the front door! Unbeknownst to me, mom and Doll had flown down to Texas to surprise and celebrate with me. They came bearing gifts and all the fixings for Red Velvet Cake (recipe card in hand)--My FAVORITE!

Best Cake. Handmade Red Velvet cake--topped with amazing all-butter frosting. Simply

Great Movie. Arm in Arm with my mom, sister, and good friend Hallie, we ventured out to the movies. Treat yourself to the thoroughly edifying and uplifting, pro-family movie: FIREPROOF. You'll be so glad you did! I think I will be giving every engaged couple a copy of Janet Smith's "Contraception, Why Not" An NFP booklet, and a DVD of Fireproof--good stuff.

Delicious Brownies! Mom's brownie recipe can't be beat, but since the store didn't carry the Jiffy Chocolate frosting that I usually use, I tried my hand at Laura's Crazy Cake frosting --WOWEE! I didn't know these brownies could get any better.

Ok, I'm feeling better :) I think I can even withstand with insane screaming fit Henry woke displaying :O