Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Henry Go Boom

I'll tell you what! A crazy crazy week, that's what!

Even before Harvest, Karl came down with a nasty upper respiratory bug. During Harvest, Henry and I caught it. After Harvest, we were all still suffering, though it was taking its toll on the men of the house a bit harder.

Little Henry spiked a 103 fever, and earned a trip to the pediatrician. Poor guy, he had two ear infections! Karl too, earned a sick day from work and a trip to the Dr's office. Whereas Henry was given sympathy and meds for his troubles, Karl was given only sympathy. No cure for the common but persnickety virus--just time and lots of fluids.

Three days and lots of nursing and sleep later, Henry was back in need of medical help--this time for more urgent matters! As his sweet daddy kept him busy while mommy made dinner, Henry darted toward Karl in an impromtu game of tag. Karl dodged, and Henry kept darting...right into the corner of our filing cabinet. Thank goodness for ER's and Superglue!
He was a trooper, and brought lots of smiles to the people of the waiting room.