Tuesday, October 16, 2007

29 Week Checkup

29 weeks and counting down!

Today was my 1 hour glucose test--forced to drink orange pop :) My kind of force-feeding!

I have never brought Henry along to an prenatal appointment, and today wasn't going to be an exception, EXCEPT that factors out of our hands rendered my friend unable to watch him. Even then, I was on my way to drop Henry with Karl during his lunch break, when the Little Man fell asleep. I was running behind, so the prospect of shaving a few minutes off the trip by keeping the slumbering son with me won out over the possibility that he may wake up.

Well, sure enough he woke up as soon as we arrived at the office, and being Henry, wanted to run free. Ugh. We had to literally baracade the door to keep him from wandering through the building. Thankfully, the nurses were as eager to get us moving as Henry was, and we were in and out in little more than an hour--including the Glucose test.

Henry made friends with the birds and all the Hospital staff on their lunch breaks. And won a rubber bug and bubbles from the lab technician for being patiant while mommy had her blood drawn.

We'll get check-ups every two weeks now. Tick, Tock!