Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Week in Pictures

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Atkins Update: Week One

Great week overall--our diet has never before been so varied. We tried new things: Red Cabbage Slaw (yummy!,) Turnip Fries (bitter,) Faux-Tatoes (I'll cook the cauliflower longer next time,) and Feta Cheese (really, only Karl tried this and said it wasn't cold enough!) We had a lot of fun experimenting with different egg dishes, meats, and cheeses.

I'm not ecstatic about sweetening with Splenda--I can taste the unpleasant difference a mile away-so I'll just keep my real sugar to a minimum. Honestly, though we haven't had any sodas (pop) and Karl's only drinking maybe one cup o'coffee /day, so the occasion for sugar or Splenda use is minimal. I did make Zucchini muffins using Splenda, but have not tried them myself. Also I whipped up a batch of Italian almond cream--but unless you eat it with berries, it's pretty disappointing (sorry Karl!)

Henry and I had the benefit of eating lots of fruits and nuts, so you won't hear me complain! Not that Karl is complaining, but I think I would were I in his shoes :)

We had a week of meals planned out, but mixed things up from day to day to accommodate leftovers and preferences.

After a week of Atkins here is where we stand en route to the goal:

Natural Waist +/- 0
Hips -1
Arms +/- 0
Legs +/- 0
Stomach -1
Weight -11 lbs (Dr. Atkins explains that most of the weight loss this first week will be water-weight.)


Natural Waist -2
Hips +/- 0
Arms +.5
Legs +/- 0
Stomach -2
Weight -4 lbs