Saturday, June 21, 2008

Doing Atkins

Still doing Atkins 'round these parts, although we've all been eating too much sugar. (in other words I eat too much sugar, and Karl has been seen sneaking a nibble here and there--tee hee)

Karl = 238 (that's a 30 lb loss! woot woot)
Audrey = 110 (8 lb loss)

Karl has added an afternoon walk to the far bus stop in the Texas heat to his daily regimen, and I have been trying to walk with the kids to the park and/or the local grocery store each day.

It's more difficult than it may seem to get that morning excursion in, however. The window for outdoor time is very narrow. We are all up by 7:30, but Clare goes back down for a nap at 9:00. Anytime after 10:00 is just too darn hot. So to get everyone dressed, fed, and out the door by 8:00 can by quite a feat. I try to get water and clothes ready the night before, and make breakfast for everyone when I get up with Karl at 4 to avoid having to cook twice. But stuff happens, schedules get tweaked, weather is unpredictable (we got caught in rain twice last week!) and it doesn't always work out.

It sure feels good to get outside though--we enjoy talking to the neighbors, bugs, bunnies, birds, dogs, and occasional turtles that we encounter on the way!


Ugh--there must be a way to upload video in a timely manner without sacrificing all quality, but I have yet to discover it! Send your suggestions my way if you have any :)

There are a few new clips of the family on youtube, hope you can make us out through the fuzziness!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So sorry I haven't been updating the blog. If my dear Aunt Susan hadn't sent a hint my way, it may have been an even longer hiatus--I didn't even realized how long it had been!!!

We've been traveling a-plenty. I solo-ed a plane trip to Minnesota to visit family and celebrate the college graduation of my brother --Congratulations Isaac!!! Karl and I left from Texas on the same day, but different flights, different airlines! I had to keep both kiddos with me because our return flights were going to be different from Karl's. I really couldn't have asked for better travel companions--2 years and younger that is :) Henry and Clare--let's travel again together soon. Ha ha. I got some really great traveling advice from a mother and flight attendant that kept us sane and happy. Henry only ran away twice (once he ran past an unsuspecting flight attendant and down a jetway!)

More updates to come--thanks for your patience with me :)

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