Tuesday, November 6, 2007



Karl and I went on a movie date night this evening.

The movie that we chose has been in all the rage in the prolife and homeschool circles that we frequent the last few months, so we were excited to check it out for ourselves.

We got in on a special promotion night too, so our $5 ticket was also redeemable for $5 in concessions!!!

With our jumbo popcorn and extra large cherry Coke, we sat down to watch the 8:45 showing of Bella.

What a great movie!!! The characters were so pleasant and believable. No gratuitous anything--you know? Just wholesome, genuine relationships--real life at its best.

A conversation Karl and I had the previous evening came to mind...Karl had asked me as I watched "The Notebook," why movies like that appeal to women. I thought about it a while, and finally responded that I, at least, like 'chick flicks' because it's fun to picture yourself as a character totally unlike yourself and live vicariously.

One of the main reasons that I liked Bella so much, was not wholly different. Although the situation that the lead actress finds herself in is not attractive--the people who surround her in her time of need are. I want a friend like Jose! And who wouldn't love to be invited in to share a meal with a close knit family like his?

Bella is the kind of movie that makes you want to emulate the characters--not just fantasize an unrealistic, irresponsible dream.

FOR THE GENTS who may read: this is not just a Chick Flick! It's an excellently woven tale of nobility, courage, and virtue. Karl enjoyed Bella thoroughly and will be recommending it to others.

PS Being eight months pregnant and drinking an extra large cherry Coke during a movie is not a good idea! I left to use the restroom, and came back in the middle of the climax of the movie--DOH! Next time, I'll push pause :)

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