Thursday, October 25, 2007

Svitlana's Adoption Update--Keep praying!

25 October 2007
Kiev Ukraine

Dearest Family and friends,
I am sorry that this must be so short, we would like to share so many things with you but the access is limited here. Anyway, above all thank you for your prayers! I was a bit nervous before our interview today, but it went fine, they accepted us and will give us our referral, thanks be to God! Joseph is a great trooper and did everything with us today so well, all day out in the city here and there, wow! And of course Louie is a sweetie.

Tomorrow (FRI) our papers will be ready at the office (4-5:00), these are the papers we must bring to the office in Lviv. Only, it is not Lviv now, but some little town called Yavoriv (sp?). We have NO IDEA where we will stay while we are there! Please pray for that. Now we are staying with the director of all pro-life work in Ukraine, she and her husband are very wonderful people!!!

We are 8 hours ahead of the States.

We will take a train at 5:00pm on Saturday and arrive in Lviv at 11:00pm. We hope we will have a place to stay for that night. Then on Sunday (Joseph's birthday) we will try and make our way to Yavoriv and find someplace to rent.

There is so much to say, it is a crazy place. Anyway, we are well, thanks be to God!
Thank you for your prayers, please continue to pray for the many steps yet to come, especially the people in Yavoriv, for so much will depend on their work.
Much love,
Mara and family

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