Thursday, June 19, 2008


So sorry I haven't been updating the blog. If my dear Aunt Susan hadn't sent a hint my way, it may have been an even longer hiatus--I didn't even realized how long it had been!!!

We've been traveling a-plenty. I solo-ed a plane trip to Minnesota to visit family and celebrate the college graduation of my brother --Congratulations Isaac!!! Karl and I left from Texas on the same day, but different flights, different airlines! I had to keep both kiddos with me because our return flights were going to be different from Karl's. I really couldn't have asked for better travel companions--2 years and younger that is :) Henry and Clare--let's travel again together soon. Ha ha. I got some really great traveling advice from a mother and flight attendant that kept us sane and happy. Henry only ran away twice (once he ran past an unsuspecting flight attendant and down a jetway!)

More updates to come--thanks for your patience with me :)

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