Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Goodies

Here are a few photos that I wanted to share.

Big Helper #1 --Henry's main kitchen duty is to help mama sort the silverware. Usually he's very, ahem, creative when it comes to proper placement. This day, however, he was spot on.

Beating the Heat #2 #3 & #4 --This was one of the first times Clare sat up unassisted. As you can see in #3, she doesn't always stay that way! We got outside for a few minutes of water fun that day (before Henry ran away to the neighbor's. Grrr!)

Clare and Opa#5 --Harvest was in full swing, but whenever Karl's father had a free minute (and wasn't covered in itchy grain dust, hee hee) he would scoop up Clare, who grinned from ear to ear, while he bounced-tickled-cooed our little dear.

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