Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beautiful Day

All four of us took much needed naps this morning--Karl recovering from late night monitoring duty, and the kiddos and I recovering from a week-end illness. The extra rest successfully delivered everyone to Mass in rare form.

Henry, while still exuberantly himself, confined his energy to our little section of the church, chimed in on cue with "Amen" and "Alleluia," and proudly held his sister on his lap. Karl whispered a word of praise to Henry during Mass, and the sweet darling's eyes welled up with tears*! What a little man he is becoming.

I had to pause as I entered our living room when I saw Clare sitting by herself examining a small wooden alphabet toy. She, too, is growing so! How she makes me smile.

Thank you, Lord, for our little family--we are so blessed!

Here's a photo from an outing last week. Pictured are Clare and her new friend, Philomena. They share August 11th as their feast day! Their patronesses must have arranged their friendship in heaven :)

*Were Henry's tears caused by:
a) Surprise at the realization that he was behaving well at Mass,
b) Excitement and Joy that he would receive a doughnut after Mass for good behavior
c) Both!

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