Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shrove Tuesday

Sometime during my college years, I learned of the custom of eating Pancakes the day before Lent begins. The logic behind the tradition is to use all your rich foods (eggs, sugars, fats) in preparation for Lent, when those things should be used sparingly-if at all.

So in keeping with that tradition:

But that's where the similarity to the tradition ends, as we were already out of eggs and I had to go to the store to purchase more! I further broke from the spirit of the day by purchasing ice cream and cookies/candy toppings!!! Oh well, maybe next year we'll follow the tradition more closely, but the milkshake Karl made with that contraband sure was tasty!

PS On a somewhat unrelated note: I was completely taken aback by a screaming fit that Henry pulled at our checkout when the aforementioned candy was taken from his possession. Question: How do you discipline in public places? The screaming stopped when the cashier returned the candy to him. Though I was really so shocked at his behavior I didn't know how to respond. We've always been able to communicate so well between his signing and speaking, that tantrums of that sort are a distinct rarity. He resumed the tantrum at the car when I wouldn't return the candy to him [he had voluntarily relinquished control when we got to the car.] and I had no problem laying down the law there--it was the public nature of the screaming fit that left me speechless. I welcome your insights and experience ;)

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