Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Autumn" in Texas

Officially, I suppose, it is Fall here in Central Texas. Only a technicality--as nothing resembles the MN Fall that I am used to! Everything is as green as it has been since...well forever...and the temperatures? You guessed it--HOT!!

So today we tried to reclaim Autumn, and visited a pumpkin patch.

As you can see by our squinting eyes, shorts, and red faces, the sun did not share our sentiments, and appeared in full summer glory.

Henry had a blast petting the horses, chasing the chickens, and attempting to feed the goats. We posed for a pic with one of the horses--but instead got feet full of fire ants--OUCH! Luckily, I've been bringing my very good friend, AfterBite, along on all our Texas excursions.

We had a tasty hot dog and cold Sprite in the shade of a loving Oak Tree, and finished our outing with homemade Pumpkin Ice Cream. We brought home a family of mini pumpkins so we could share Autumn with Karl at home.

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