Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nighttime Offerings

Henry is a squirmer. Morning, noon, night--he wants to run. And he wants to run free. So when something hinders this boyish exuberance--like bedtime--he tends to fight.

On a few occasions, Henry has gotten very creative in trying to dodge bedtime. He tries to bribe us. After his nightly bedtime routine, if he isn't already asleep, he is supposed to stay in bed. Well, this is obviously a violation of the Perpetual Motion of Henry Law. So with every escape from his bedroom, a bribe comes too.

He peeks around the corner, scurries over to one of us, and drops something at our feet--then runs in the opposite direction of his room. He is quickly and quietly escorted back to said bedroom, and the bribery continues. He needs to work on the delivery and content of his bribes, but the sheer number of attempts has earned him brownie points. This will continue until he's so tired that he can't run away anymore.

Just another example of how this little one brings us so much joy. Even when he's driving us crazy!

The items we were bribed with include, but are not limited to, the following:
Towel, Teddy Bear, Clothing--both clean and dirty, Hats, Diaper covers, Cabbage Patch Henry, etc etc etc.

Thank you for the laughter! If you're going to make bedtime a bad time, at least be creative about it!


  1. THEY WILL DO ANYTHING, won't they, to avoid sleeping:) Thats a new one though! Too funny!

  2. He just keeps getting cuter, doesn't he?